Ideas please! (helping an old friend ;)

So, I have to write a term paper.
I decided I should turn to you guys for some
inspiration on an…interesting topic to write about.

Hmm…I suppose that is everyone’s goal that writes a term paper.
Anyway, just spit out random ideas, I’m open for anything*

I’m looking forward to some outstanding ideas!

*Except for “dirty” things…

Net neutrality ( I believe).
Censorship and propaganda?

I dunno :stuck_out_tongue:

Censorship and propaganda?

Yeah, write an article on Fox news, the ultimate propaganda merchants :stuck_out_tongue:

You could write an article on how the internet is actually more real and dangerous social environment than real life because, in accordance with the ‘who you are is what you do when you think no-one’s looking,’ everyone on the internet is given a mask of anonymity to hide behind.

It tends to give people the courage to bare themselves on the internet, and when you get too close to their exposed heart, they can get very angry, very fast, etc. etc.

About the Chan boards, (4chan in particular) and their mutating culture, about the racial prejudice and callous, brutal (and usually sexually so(misogyny, prevalently)) opinions that people feel free to air because of this anonymity.

How something that might be a spirited discussion between two or three people in real life becomes a flash-mob of posturing and back-biting on the internet, because the anonymity rule, coupled with open-air access to everyone who browses across the page, mean that people basically just hammer their personal opinions down in a post with little regard for intellectual debate or compromise, or really the feelings, or really without even regarding the humanity of the people they’re fighting against.

etc. etc. Plenty of other examples.

Oh, one more. The internet culture has actually affected real life, because on the internet, everyone, in anonymity, has apparently exposed their urge to steal, and since everyone has seen that practically everyone else has no qualms with theft, the internet has actually modified interaction in REAL LIFE because now people bring up piracy without being afraid that anyone will report them.

Dimentional travel.
Quantum physics.
Large Hadron Collider.
Dalek Invasion.
Blender Foundation’s late 2.50 schedule.
How USB flash drives secretly control your mind.
How to kill someone with your bear hands.
Nuclear waste.
Portal creation.
Hacking subspace.

These things are from the top of my head. Have fun.

Try writing a paper on Open Source and GPL.

You could write about Nikola Tesla, he was way ahead of his time and underappreciated.

Nikola Tesla is a great idea, but I say that because I just read this the other day.

I actually recently did a paper on blender, but that turned out more like a “how to” for getting started on doing 3D computer graphics with blender. But it was fun to get on this site and call it productive. (it really wasn’t productive… :stuck_out_tongue: …but I still got a A+ on the paper.)


Oh yes. I love that one !

These are good topics to choose from. Good luck.

Hey, thanks for all the ideas guys!
Maybe I should just write about Blender in general…

I found that in order to write about blender you are going to need to explain some more about CG in general first, sense not a lot of people understand what is going on, and most are blown away by many of the concepts that I take as being basic. In my paper I spent probably the first two thirds just explaining what the field is, (Pixar movies are your best friend when trying to get people an example) then for the last third I got to actually talk about blender, but those proportions are relative. My paper was only three pages long so count on about one and half to two pages of more general stuff.
Also a little tip, don’t call it just “blender”, that will confuse people, make sure you call it “Blender 3D” to help them out.

oh yeah, and because it was convenient I did a speech for another class on blender at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t ever expect assignments between classes to mach up so well again though. And I got to showoff some of the gallery pictures in the speech! thanks to all the artist that made those because I think I got someone else interested in blender because of them. :slight_smile:

P.S. you were the first person to talk to me on these forms. :slight_smile: