Ideas Please

Some of you might allready know who i am, But for those who doesn’t, I am Jimmy Widlund and i have been making these timelapse videos on youtube that was on Blender nation a while ago.

Now i am planning on a Very big timelapse video. I will make a Complete indoor scene using cycles.

If you can be so kind you can give me ideas on what to do. I have no idea what so ever. So if i approve your idea you will be in the credits :wink:

Let the ideas come!

I would love to see you do a theater (for performing arts). I am currently doing it but it is kind of challenging.
an example are any of these

Also inside a damaged ship (possibly a cannon going through showing damage) is another cool idea.

I like the ship and cannon idea maybe i will approve it :wink:

If you work from a laptop, you could sit down in a café or other open enviroment of your liking and work on a CG-version on-site. If it’s a business, you may even get some sort of sponsorship. Not that I’d be so forward myself:P

Even if you’re desktop-bound (or don’t want to get distracted by pesky reality), I think you should pick a real environment you have access to. So you can take your own reference/texture photos, and show clear CG/reality comparisons afterwards. It will also enable you to film in the environment and make crazy camera tracking-stuff later on.
So my idea would be… start scouting locations. Find specific angles that would be nice or challenging to recreate.