Ideas Thread - Global illumination in real time.

I would be very cool to see this in the Blender game engine.

Hm. I think that deferred / inferred lighting would help this idea move along, but the effect looks similar to one or two hemisphere lamps. Have you tried that out in GLSL mode?

Forstbite 2 does real time radiosity! By the way there is a gsoc that will bring a inferred algorithm to the render, i already wrote to the guy that will implement it all the papers that explain it, and he said it is really interesting, so maybe after the gsoc we will have it :wink:

Talking about radiosity…anyone knows where’s the radiosity button in the brand new 2.57 version?

I think we dont have radiosity any more, we have the stupid aproximate indirect lightning. Somewhere out there is a Blender 2.49 build with raytraced indirect lightning but i can’t find it any more.