Ideas to achieve a dynamic visualization with or w/o BGE?

Hi. I thought I ask some directions before I go and fail after working a week in something that could’ve been done in 5 minutes otherwise.

There’s a planned visualization that would go something like this: dynamically load a line of text from a file (or db), display the text and then fill some portion of an outlined image with it, with animation. That would then load the next line and fill another place in the image.

That text file would get more lines as the time passes. Also, the image could be a 3D model instead but not a requirement, so 2D image will do just fine.

How would you approach this? What software would you use?
I was thinking Blender Game Engine because the finished visualization could be displayed as a standalone app and because I’m a blenderhead. Though, the use of Blender is not a requirement either. I have never used BGE nor have I done something like this before. I have coding experiece though.