ideas (too bad i dont know python)

I’ve got a couple of good Ideas for some possible blender plugins.

  1. A prism-spectrum plugin: Makes it so that if you have a light shining through a solid prism, the rainbow will shine out the other side.

  2. A one way mirror plugin: Makes it so that a plane can be transparent on only one side

Dispersion, isn’t it possible to do that in yafray?

Second: Im trying to get that to work, you can easily make it so in the game engine it is seen like this, but I cant seem to get it to render that way.

Ill play more though.


Maybe now would be a good time to learn?

funny, I was expecting a tutorial link or something at the bottom of your post. (hint)

Fairly sure yafray can do both of these. faces by default are single sided so making a 1way mirror is no biggie