Ideasman42, Campbell Barton leaving Blender

Did I hear this right and is Barton Campbell leaving Blender. And, less assume for a moment I’m in the right year and month and this is actually happening. If that is indeed the case just let me say thank you, guy.

I don’t nerd out on Blender but anyone who has ever used it knows about Ideasman and his contributions over the years. So once again thank you Barton and best of luck in any new endeavors. Blenders lost will no doubt be some ones gain. Take care out there and keep on sharing what you do best. No doubt anyone attempting to create something will appreciate it.


You heard close… first name Campbell, last name Barton :wink:

but yes he is leaving… He has been with blender for over 10 years, everyone has the utmost respect for him.

Well… I love all of his work…
I hope he ends up being successful for his talents

Loved his work on Pattern Select and his contributions to help blender devs and artists to communicate better.

I hope he ends up in a company that will take care of him… or maybe start his great company own :slight_smile:

doublebishop, thanks for the correction. That would be me: A dollar short and a day late with reference to his name. But, I thought I heard it in the podcast and noticed no one had commented.

Years ago in the shipyard a saying was no monkey stops this show. And, while that was true some monkeys were sorely missed. By fellow workers and the quality of the work on the ships. I just thought Campbell was such a monkey. And, you just confirmed that.

bretch and now ideas? i thought ideas could take up the slack from losing bretch…now i dont know know. ton better drop everything and go on a resume hunt. not sure ideas can be replaced but blenders gotta try.

Many users already have wished the best of luck to Campbell in the Blender 2.7x development thread.

@rdo3, luckily Brecht is being quite active in Blender development lately.

Good luck Campbell! You will be missed.

Anyone know why he is leaving?

Hes selling Blender secrets to autodesk.


let’s go arrest him for betraying the union!

Like Blender has any secrets to begin with, as it’s quite easy for Autodesk, The Foundry, Maxon ect… to download the Blender source and study it for ideas (even though they cannot do a literal copy of an implementation because of the GPL)

I guess he feels it’s time to try other things. Had a good run, but let’s see what else is out there. I can totally understand. He stuck with it.

The rotten scoundrel!!!

Seriously though, all the best to both of them and thanks for make helping to make Blender great.

Good luck in what you are doing!

Aw man, Campbell is the best. What an awesome guy! Wish him great luck. He will be missed.

All good for you Campbell! You are one of those developers that I’ve been respecting a lot. Every time I’ve seen comment from ideasman, I’ve read it very carefully!

thanks for everything Campbell! Blender wouldn’t be what it is without you, you’ll be missed:(

Best of luck in spreading your wings toward new adventures! Don’t forget about us. Stop by and pay us a visit from time to time (or come back to stay :)). You’re always welcome in the Blender community.

So anyone know where he is going to work next or why is he leaving Blender? Why the secrecy?

I think Campbell was clear in his E-Mail.

Nothing more to add imho, that’s called privacy and not secrecy …

Used to think Campbell´s python work was pointless. I don´t think that nowadays with all these wonderful python addons enabled by his wonderful work on the python api.

And since he took over Blender modeling dev, Blender has transformed into a modeling powerhouse. Of course there´s hardly any module he hasn´t touched!

Campbell will be sorely missed in Blender development, but if he needs time off that´s his business, nothing he should be derided for, and anytime he wants to he will be welcomed back with open arms.

Just saying that whoever is hired to fill his shoes will have his or her work cut out for them!

What’s wrong with this world. How can that be clear?