Ideasman42, Campbell Barton leaving Blender

Yes, he says he´s going to work on personal projects. Why do you feel he is obliged to say more?

we all need breaks some times to work on our OWN personal projects, it’s so rewarding for your creative side.

I hope and think he might be back :smiley: I still hope that brecht will turn up one of these days to work for the foundation full-time again.

Yes, personal projects are sometimes the ones that take your mind ot the place you need to be to see something that you couldn’t while working on someone else’s project.

I also hope that he drops by again, even if just to hang out and give advice.

In case you ever stop by and check out this thread, Campbell, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your work on Blender and wish you all the very best in your future endeavours. We’ve never communicated 1-to-1 but your contributions to Blender along with the other talented developers have directly enabled me, and no doubt many others, to bring Blender into our full-time professional production workflow. As a 3d modeller for indie-sized organisations who may not have the resources to keep multiple staff members on Autodesk subcriptions, you’ve helped me to provide for my family and remain professionally competitive with individuals who have access to more expensive tools. Thank you and the Blender development team so much!

Campbell has left the building.

Enjoy it.

What projects? Doesn’t sound convincing. Well maybe he doesn’t just want to say out loud that he hates Blender and the direction it’s going.

God damn …

Let’s keep the conspiracy theory to a minimum ok?

If Campbell wants to share more details, that’s up to him and up to him alone! But as I already said, I find his mail self explaining.

Show some respect for his privacy and all the great work he put into Blender and don’t put conspiracy theories into his mouth. That’s disrespectful and inappropriate. He owes you nothing. No explanation, no details.

I second your sentiment. He’s contributed a great deal and I thank him for it. I wish him all the best in whatever comes next.

I agree with everyone else that he will be missed (and I do believe that he historically has been one of the most important contributors to the Blender project, even though I and others may not have agreed with the way he implemented tools from time to time).

Hopefully he will return one day, but as for the reason he left, everything is only mere speculation until we get a concrete answer from Ideasman himself.

Enough is Enough, some of you guy’s are rude, disrespectful & worse than a bunch of gossiping hens.

Enough is Enough.
Give the guy some Peace.

& also some THANKS.

Well he does have the right of privacy however if it turns out some sort of untoward shit has gone down at the BI and he feels he can’t carry on working in the circumstance then the community might have something to say about that in his favour… If it hasn’t or he wants to keep his reasons etc. to himself then we will observe that. I think most people are just sorry to see him go. He is a good fellow.

This is what I hate about the so called communities.When an individual decides to move on with their life communities always have a
hissy-fit! I myself have a huge appreciation for all the Blender developers for without their wonderful work I could not do what I love
to do most, create some art with Blender. So come on people just take what was given to you and go create some art, it’s an individual thing you know!

Generalization is what I hate. Do you know how many users have this Blender community? What is the percentage of those “hissy-fit” you are talking? (thanks again to Urban dictionary, did not know that term)
By the way, I see nothing wrong with that users express their gratitude and best wishes. After all Campbell had done the same:

I am sad he is leaving but it’s his decision to make.

I am thankful for his contributions to blender and also with his last try to add wireframe colors to blender because despite all arguments revolving the implementation, it helped me to decide to start my own set of patches and my own custom blender build, and for that I am grateful.

All the best for your future Campbell!


I think often smartest open source developers get hired by companies with real money. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a good career move to leave open source development.

Don’t forget, this does give other younger people a chance to step up and fill the void.

Good Luck with your new projects and thanks for your great work.