identical python scripts -- only the first one works

Blender 2.5.7b

I’ve been trying to get two scripts working one rotates something 10deg counterclockwise - this works, the second I want to rotate the same object 90deg clockwise when I press a different key- doesn’t work.

I have two keyboard sensors for the two directions.
I change the name of the script in the controller and I can edit either script in a text window.

I then made both scripts identical and have only one sensor, one controller and one actuator. Only the first script works, the second does nothing

I guess I 'm missing something obvious but no Ideas left.

Post a blend. It sounds like you are not setting up the logic bricks properly, or your looking for the wrong sensor in the second script.

It’s part of a big .blend I downloaded from here earlier, dunno if I can post it as it’s so big( 18MB)

I was getting a screenshot and I think I fixed something

might have something another time,

i think you just have to convert your spaces to tabs by doing the following:

  1. select your whole text
  2. go to Format>Convert Whitespaces>To Tabs
    thats it…now run and youre probably fine