I just saw an ad here for “the game creators - create games with ease!” what a joke. who would post an ad for a pay product that is competing with the superior free product on the superior free product’s forums? that is why google is worth nothing but paper money. has anyone here ever bought something from an adsense ad? I’m curious.

If you’ll just post your credit card number, I’ll send you a copy for free. :smiley:

Hey, yeah. How many people here have used any ads before?

Well, I do not use the ads at all.

But I do click them the odd time, as this helps generate income for BlenderArtists to keep the forum running. Google does pay us for these ads, believe it or not. So do indeed click them.


Out of solidarity for the people who keep the BlenderArtists site running, I will from now on click on one ad every day.
Job done for today :smiley:

What if we set up a script that opens up hundreds of windows of blenderartists, then opens all of the ad links at once? Will google take away their ads from this site or something?

it’s known as click fraud, and it’s a rampant problem. another reason I think google is way overvalued

I’d click the ads, but I’m not sure how to turn off the ad blocker (it just says “ad blocked by KPF” where the ad would be)

google and adsense can be cheated BUT they implemented the unique id techinue, where one ip can only click on e add every like 12 hours i think it was lol its trash, waste of money

there’s adds here? I never noticed.

EDIT] Okey now I see it.

And now they’ll bother you till the end of your days…


Only click on GOOD ads… dont click on those ‘’ or ‘’ ones…


I shall now click

Ads in my browser? What Ads? Oh yea, mozilla with no scrip and adblock. I knida forgot about ads on the net lol

I’ll enable them for blender artist and contribute my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of ads is… to sell a product or to annoy a potential client to such an extent they will no longer purchase the product.
I mean, spawing pop-up windows all over or making it impossible to leave a website, THAT’s idiocy :confused:

I try and click (and shortly close) an ad each time i’m here…