Idiotic mistakes and bugs in games by big companies

I was inspired to create this thread after seeing an unfortunate thing in the new AOE 3 expansion.

The rotate camera hotkeys don’t work at all.

Now you’re saying how it could be important that they do work. Well if you have units behind a big cliff and you’re making interesting angles for the scenario editor (which is partly broken anyway) for cinamatics it’s important, you may as well wonder wether they just rushed the game out without much polish.

So post any idiotic, stupid, elementary mistakes you’ve seen in commercial games here.

Just joking with ya

There are glitches and stupid mistakes in most games, However I cant remember many.

Scrap that I cant remember any

GTA Vica City and Spiderman 2: You can’t swim.

So what, alot of people cant swim.

Hahahahaha, good point.

driver series, a head on colision at a sertain point and speed makes the car fly up in the air (like 100 stories) and then out of the map or under it lol

syphon filter series, sertain actions make the charecters parts overlap or band in unatural ways lol

counter-strike - u can walk on peoples heads…

umm… thats possible in real life to >.> :smiley: just wil hurt alot, i guess.

I pre-ordered dark messiah of might and magic, an action rpg using the half life 2 source engine, because the demo was so awesome. only to find the game crashes when you save, crashes when it’s loading a new level, crashes when you land a jump, crashes if you look at it cross-eyed. not only that but it has ridiculous load times (including load times for the MAIN MENU) and parts of the audio were missing (though they patched that in a few hours). needless to say, I was/am pissed.

on the plus side the physics engine is awesome. you can kick guys into spikes and trigger falling traps on people.

@noobranger: isn’t it in beta?

There are too many to count…but there’s already been a thread about this kind of stuff :smiley:

If you dig a little deeper when you play a game, it is very likely to find glitches and bugs. Most of them are idiotic but some of them can be really useful if you want to do certain things…like beating the game as fast as possible or skip usually necessary items. Anyone who has ever tried to “speedrun” Metroid, Mario or Zelda games will so know what I’m talking about. Pretty awesome stuff to be found there…

But on the other hand, they are not always fun, as you have pointed out…I often mention Ubisoft’s PoP games when it comes down to that, the series had quite some gamebreaking glitches O_o

I don’t know if it’s just me but most games these days seem to have pretty retarded pathfinding for computer controlled characters. The survivors in Dead Rising are especially bad at this, they’ll act like the way is blocked when it isn’t far too often for my tastes.

It’s not a bug, but I HATE it when in video games like Grand Theft Auto, some dude is shooting at you the cops don’t react (or worse: join the shooting) but when you shoot back the cops start shooting at you as well.
O, let’s not forget all the bugs in the first generation pokemon games :smiley:

Dunno if it’s a bug or not, but with ROTK in the Paths of the Dead level, sometimes if you stand too close to the pile of bones where the dead soldiers come out your life meter starts to drain alarmingly quickly.

There’s also a bug in the Road to Isengard level. At the very end of the level you have to defend an ent near a dam while he attempts to break the dam. If the ent gets hit with arrows, he stops breaking the dam until you kill the orcs that are shooting him, at that point he is supposed to resume breaking the dam. Here’s the bug: Sometimes he just stands there and does nothing. If that happens then the only way to finish the level is to shoot the dam with arrows many, many, many times.

Counter Strike Source: Getting stuck if you are crouching right next to the crate.

Given that I didn’t play CSS for a few months now, but still it was something that really irritated me when I did play.

Right now I’m more into playing with the blender game engine, rather than playing other games.

in some games like Quake IV, the enemies don´t react until they see you, you can shoot them and they don´t move if you are out of their range

Star Trek: Elite Force 2-last level

You’re in a Romulan installation and you go through a broken wall into a cavern area with some enemies.

In the very first part of the cavern is an area with a pillar in it.

The glitch is the pillar; stand to close to it and you fall OFF the map! :smiley:

That dark thing up there is an enemey, not the pillar.

Hell yeah, how could I forget about them in my post. Now that was fun…(but not a good idea for real competitions…:rolleyes: ).

AOE 3 - Villagers chop wood while the trees are standing up
AOE 3 - When a wall or cliff is between a cannon ball and a target, it will go through the wall or cliff and hit the target.
AOE 3 - Trade route vehicles have no collision.
Sim City 4 - Commute time calculations are practically broken.

That game is pretty awesome…
Actually though, I don’t think either of those things are glitches.
The thing with the ent is super annoying though, because if you run out of arrows, you have to restart the level. I dunno…maybe the thing with the ent is a glitch…