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This guy asks what is the best 3d program for mech making, so i reply blender 3d. gave some tuts and info.

some blender-hater comes back with theses staments:

wonders if stone rhino realizes he’s the only person who thinks blender is good

uhh, ignore him, he’s just a talking ad


I tried blender once, you can try it, just don’t ever save anything or create anything. it’ll crash as soon as you do something, and you can’t reselect anything with it, either, once you make it, and then make something else, you either have to delete what you just did or continue on a forcefully low resolution and a buggy trail of limitedness.

(Edit) This means, if you make one cube, then one shpere, you won’t be able to reselect the cube to resize it

(by the way im stone rhino)


he didn’t even read any of the tutorials i’ll bet!!!

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I know, it’s sad, the world is full of idiots. Especially that group in which they have a copy of Maya or 3DSM and think anything else is inferior, then think of themselves as 3D gods . Or the Microsoft group that thinks anythign that isn’t M$ is junk, when they don’t even know about anything else. I had one M$ guy tell me Linux is only used evey now and then on a server when nothing else is immediately available, and he said it had no place in the commercial market. Obviously a victim of brainwashing. :x

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maybe he’s… scared that blender will compete with his beloved app? :o

seriously, when alot of people here hear people saying 3dsmax is their favorite, they start spewing out bad things about it (very few are true). you just have to look at it from his viewpoint, though i do think he is a class a idiot, deserving to have his favorite 3d app shoved up his @$$

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Maybe i’m just biased, but blender couldn’t kick maya #$% if it tried.

but what gets me so teed off is that this guy took one look at blender and and said crap, then resumed using his expensive app.

i wouldn’t mind using softimage all the time, but none of it’s big features would milk my guernsey. i would never use(except for the raytracer) them.

neither would the guy who wanted to learn 3d in the first place. in my opinion blender is the best it has a real hobbyst community. maya doesn’t it’s mostly pros. and pros don’t like newbies.

so why go with something like maya ple?

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Not all pros dislike noobs, most pros I know try and help them. Its the wannabe pros that rag on the newbies.

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It’s been my experience that most people who say bad things about particular programs are one of four things:

  1. marketers

  2. people who want to sound like they know what they’re talking about (and thus regurgitate what others have said)

  3. people who are un-used to the program, and who are emediately alienated by its UI, and who don’t take the time to try getting used to it

  4. or people who have had a genuinly bad experience with a program (possibly because of some fluke conflict with their computer, or because the program really is useless, etc.)

    Oviously, those four catagories don’t encompass absolutely everyone who says bad things about a program, but I think it takes care of the majority.

    The true proffessionals who really know what they’re talking about, all seem to be of the opinion that different programs are better for different applications. After all, you wouldn’t use quake 3 as a word proccessor, would you? The differences between 3d animation programs are much, MUCH subtler, but they exist none-the-less.

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I use it for a word proccesor. come on, typing in your school essay while simultaneously fragging people, it’s priceless!!! :wink:

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This guy had problem with uncompatable hardware.

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heh, I know a lightwaver that won’t look at any art I post anymore, becase my Blender works were as good/getting better then his lightwave stuff.

poor guy. :smiley:

And anyone that starts saying that their product is bette rI simply reply “Well, yes, your product may be able to do more things, but mines FREE”

that almost always shuts them up. :smiley:

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another bleep:


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he DOES have some points, but overall, i think he’s promoted to Class A Windows User

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This is horrible. Can I have the link to the other post? I started 3d graphics with Blender 1.14 and then tried to use 3dsMax but the UI was counterintuitive. This was just because I was used to Blender. I am still messing around with Lightwave and 3ds but I don’t think that they are crap, I just don’t know how to use them fluently.

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i’m StoneRhino.

5DGVictorDavion is a part of the ‘anti-blender.’

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Now I am really angry… :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

Has anyone told to that stupid ***hole that Maya-4.0 also crashes!!!

I tried it once on my PIII 1.06GHz WinXP laptop and the whole system crashed, when I tried to load the shaders editor (or something like that…).

Blender doesn’t crash on it. Blender doesn’t crash that easy, on any operating system!!!

Above all Blender is equal to Maya and it doesn’t cost 1999$!!!

May he get himself burned in the infernal flames of “Hades” for all eternity!!! :x


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or at least a spear through the eye :wink:

man, this sucks. i never go to other forums besides elysiun and now i know how bad the outsiders really see blender.

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Seems like Maya is really worth it unless you have job dealing with it. With combos like Blender and Pov-Ray one could put out some real good work. Also for $1999 you get a real water down version of Maya. Lightwave will run circles around Maya for price. Lightwave gives you what will cost extra on Maya. $1600 for Lightwave gives you the complete 3D package also its comes for both Apple and PC in the same box, so if you can change platforms if you find your current hardware don’t handle to well. Blender takes that to a new level runs on mostly any system.
Plus I hate icons, I look a Maya system I have to learn what the little pictures mean. It seem like micky mouse style. Blender and Lightwave put names on buttons. So going from Blender to Lightwave is not too hard just a matter of looking around. You will figure that icons will help but only if you learn with the wiggly twisted line means. I learn more in one day on Pov-Ray then I did in week on MayaPLE because I delt with no icons.

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I think blender is good enough for me. I don’t care what other expensive pro 3d programs may offer. I care what Blender offers. Call that stupid or whatnot, but Blender is sacred for me. Even the game engine. And personally, I would never want to “upgrade” to maya or 3dsmax or lightwave. blender 100% baby. Nothing else.


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You have a point there, but everyone has a certain subject that they will defend fervently. Yours may not be Blender, but I’ll bet you have at least one subject you feel strongly enough to throw a fit about if someone badmouths it. It may be someone calling your baby ugly, or calling you a particular political party, or even saying stuff about your family. Everyone has their pet peeves. But they are not all idiots for doing so.

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so I feel the urge to throw myself into this debate…

the main topic should be instead that this is all about CG (Computer Graphics) and should be said that it doesn’t matter what program/tool/application you use to get the product/image/content you want…

real artist use what ever tool is needed for the job, and it is the CG effect you want to achive, it is not the tool that does the job for you, it is the artist behind the tool that does the job, so, no matter how great the tool you ever will have, you can’t let the tool make the work for you, it is the brain, hands and eyes that does the job, not the tool, it is just a extension of your imagination

enough said LOL :wink: