idle pose problem

(blenderage) #1

ive got a character and when the player is not pressing any buttons i want him to perform an idle pose action. This is what i did.

Keyboard sensor, all key button pressed, inv button pressed>>>an sensor>>> play idle action (high prority so it shouldn’t mess with other actions)

the only problem is when ive got an action on “flipper”, the idle pose action interferes and the action doesnt work properly. Does anyone know what im doing wrong?



(Pooba) #2

Well, if you’re trying to blend 2 actions together, you can’t!
If not, upload the file or send it to me.


(SeaCigar) #3

:-? just curious, but how do you change the “priority” of actions?

P.S.: I have the same problem, but have decided it isnt important enogh to waste time on. And pooba; how’s it coming on that level??

(blenderage) #4

its ok ive figured it out, the idle pose action must be set to loop stop dont really know why this works but it does. to set priorities for actions there’s a button on the action actuator, i think its only on recent blender versionsive ive got v.2.23