iDream - Using blender for school project! - Big picture warning!


For the last few month we had a project running in school in our french class. The goal of the project was to create an object that does not exist in the reality and to make an advertising campain to promote it to the class.

The campain was splitted in two. First, we had to produce an advertising poster that was shown in the class and secondly, to do an oral presentation in front of the class with a “power point”

Our project was the iDream (iRêve en français). It is a machine that enter in comunication with your brain while you sleep enabling you to:

1 - Dream to what you want and have the control over your dreams.
2 - To help you learning while you sleep by helping your brain to memorize the information you want to learn.
3 - Dream in network via a bluetooth connection with your friend
4 - Record your dreams to watch them with your friends

The iDream is a 3D model that showed up in our adverts. Later for the oral presentation, a “paper” iDream was built (it was used for 5 minuts in the oral and was basicaly an orthogonal picture of the 3D model sticked to a paper…

It was my first serious project with blender with a limited time frame.

I hope that you like it…

        P.S : I know that the picture is huge... should I resize it?

great idea - I would give you a pass
(don’t know what it has to do with French though)

Looks great. The glow on the buttons is pot on. The only detractor is that the main body is still edgy. But that’s nothing a little sub-surf would not fix.

I Bet Steve jobs is working on this as we speak. Of course they have to get the cerebral copy right protection in place first.

Keep Blending!

The only detractor is that the main body is still edgy

I will try to fix it today…

(don’t know what it has to do with French though)

It is about arguing strategy(ies), since we had to convince the class that our product was the best… You are right, the link is small with french…

man i would beat a puppy for that thing it looks like so much fun

“should I resize it?”
that would be nice, because I have OCD and I’m sure plenty of others here do too… I hate having to sidescroll.

i dont think you should resize it i think these guys need to get new monitors. I dont have to side scroll