idTech 6 tech preview
Preview on Siggraph pointed out the several things about renderer

Frame rendering:


Roughness node of glass/transparent material:

Interesting how they achieved the DoF effect. It looks really good in-game. A blender compositor effect would be nice to have this.

Many people here would understand the significance and value of the idTech engine previews, but not everyone. Rather than linkbomb in the top post, do you think you could include some text that describes what you think people should look for in this… and why it’s significant?

Yes, sure. I was analyzing the pdf file and I was searching what lies behind this rendering method.

Decoupled particle lighting:

Types of light sources:

Data analysis:

Id Tech is based on Opengl 4.5 and Vulkan. What are similarities/connections to Blender Render, Cycles renderer or BGE ?

Here is a comprehensive article on the subject:

Looks like the blender team isn’t the only one having problems with AMDs compiler:

Realtime game rendering engine uses OpenCL for rendering?
Also why did you cut out the rest of the picture?

Because it had nothing to do with the compiler?

To be fair, that’s just them complaining about not having the most efficient code generated, whereas on the PS4 they get low-level access.

I’m surprised by how smooth the DOOM 2016 launch was - id is the only developer brave/influential enough to launch a major title on OpenGL, even though their previous launch on OpenGL (RAGE) was a disaster.

I’m not aware of anyone doing that. OpenGL/OpenCL interop has historically been flaky, but there’s also wide support for Compute Shaders nowadays, which is enough for most things (and has lower overhead).

As if OpenGL per se had anything to do with RAGE launch. Drivers were crappy on AMD as Nvidia worked fine.

OpenGL “per se” doesn’t run anything, so that’s kind of irrelevant. It didn’t work fine on either platform, on AMD it didn’t work at all (at launch). The problem was that AMD shipped the wrong driver, contrary to what they told id. They were working together during development, which is a luxury not afforded to every developer.

My point is, what defines OpenGL as a platform is the actual implementations and there have been tons of problems on anything but NVIDIA hardware (and even that isn’t necessarily working as well as D3D). It’s self-perpetuating too, nobody (besides id) ships major titles on OpenGL anymore, so almost all the work and testing for game-related code goes into D3D. Therefore, if you want to play it safe, you better ship D3D. I’m not complaining that id ships OpenGL, I think that’s great!