IE 7 Question / Web Design

I’ve got a website design I’m working on, and it displays properly in all recent browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Safaria, IE 8, Opera. It explodes in IE 7. I want to write a separate style sheet for IE 7, and possibley 6.

I have IE 8 installed on my computer, so of course Microsoft won’t let me install 7. They can’t fathom that there could ever be a reason that I’d need it.

So - How can I install IE 7, without killing IE 8? I need to be able to test in both…

By the way, I’m a Firefox man.

Quick answer: Get everyone on the internet to quit using IE7 (or any IE browser)

Long answer: write a separate CSS file for the browser using PHP browser detection.

Killer, that’s not directly the problem here.
He actually asks, how to reinstall IE7 in order to test just that browser-detection part, to make the site work on IE7…
Though, +1 on your quick answer :wink:

Personally I use run multiple versions under WINE. On Windows you can use the Multiple IE hack although Microsoft would prefer you use their Expression Web application.

Thanks, N3ON. I’m looking at the Tredosoft site now. That seems to be the answer. I wonder why Microsoft is so touchy about running multiple versions. It’s a common issue.

And yes, Killer. I will write a separate style sheet.

We should all just stop using IE. But there are people out there like my mother for instance: " I use the “e” because it has my mail." Don’t ask. I put and end to that. I fixed her Firefox home page setting. VICTORY!!

You won’t get any interactivity but for a quick style check you can try using

Basically it opens your site in whatever browsers you select and gives you back a bunch of screenshots

Perfect. Extremely useful. Thanks.