IE 8, catching up with FireFox and hiding all your web activity

One of the advertised features is private browsing, that means none of the sites you go to will be in the web history nor will there be any cookies created. I could possibly return to the otherkin community in this fashion but then again my father may not allow us to use the private browsing feature since anyone will know that’s a feature.

Also on the list, accelerators, and other improvements. It’s supposed to be faster but a reviewer in USA today said it didn’t feel like it all the time.

It’s certainly not catching up in standard compliance…


Sounds the same as the Clear Private Data function in your tools menu, except automatic. I believe you can automate the firefox version as well?

Only my father has said he’s one step ahead of Microsoft, having all activity go through a router making all privacy features added pointless.

If it is slower and you have to push a compatibility button to fully load webpages like said in USAToday I’d imagine the marketshare will decrease further.

Ooh, CD you’re a bad boy. Going to websites that your father dislikes. Tsk Tsk

For proper anonymity:


Well, Google chrome does it much better: It’s got an ‘Incognito Window’. Me like.