IE Problem (Web Design)>Solved<


Well, i’ve recently been doing a job for a client and i just ran into a bug that i’m used to having between FF and IE. The navbar in the website previews perfectly in FF however when i try to preview in IE, it comes up with a white background color.

Here are the files, I used dreamweaver simply because i’m in in a rush to meet the deadline.


Thanks ya’ll.

It’s looking fine for me.

i might be wrong, but i think it’s because you are previewing in Internet Explorer 6 or less (IE7 works fine). they can’t handle alpha-transparency. so easy solution: give your navbar-images a black background.
if you like to fiddle around with css then you might want to take a look at this site:
especially this one:

great ressource for all css-junkies… :smiley:

be sure to check constantly - i offer web design as a service and i’m primarily on firefox on OSX. there are some small things that the two browsers deal with differently, but there are ways around them. good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you all, i solved it, it was the alpha solution.
Thanks again.