IES Lamps experimentation2008

here are the 2 curves shown by the viewer on polar frlat graphic

see pic

one of the curve is not symetrical - not certain if it good ?


ok here is the file texxt may be you can check out if there is any error at the top
or elsewhere and alos the python message box

is there a way to cut and paste message from the console ?

i checked the data for ies at the given site and it’s not the same stucture then the file you got there>

may be you should check theses differences!


Invalid mode r? Weird.

You can copy by highlighting and right clicking.

I’m reading the file in quite a silly way, that really needs to be changed. I’ll add it to the list. I don’t have a lot of spare time for coding, particularly if it involves file processing ;).

If I’m in tonight I’ll do more work on it, but I’ve got work to do for a meeting tomorrow morning.