IES Lights

I’ve been working on a project recently where I had to use IES Lights in order to show the difference between certain lamps. Both lamps are LED area lights.
My problem now is that the corresponding IES File always emits light like it is a point lamp. Is that a general problem of the IES Standard or with the implementation in Blender?
Thanks a lot for your answers guys.

Don’t know but maybe this will help:

edit: I’m sorry that’s not really helpful, but I did find this and these seem to act as spots with a point light:

I think we’re only supposed to use IES with point lamps. Although you can use them with spot lamps and can control its cone, you’re also clipping away what the IES defines.

I find IES problematic in that you need to make them 0 size to get the “IES pattern”, but that also makes super sharp shadows. Area lights are problematic in that you can’t have controllable backthrow on them but need additional area light in the opposite direction. Controlling their “shadow shape” is also not trivial, lacking basic barn door controls. Tube lights are missing. Cylindrical lights too, but they have very limited use.