if a person were to make games using blender which is better? 2.49b or 2.54 beta?

is 2.54 beta game engine ready for making serious games?

I would go with 2.49. Later you can still switch to 2.54. You just need to be care of the python deprecated warnings so that when you switch you don’t have to change a lot.

use 2.5x it is much better than 2.49bi think you are gonna love it.

so does that mean it’s stable enough for serious games? I won’t have any problem with implementing codes will I?

2.5 is faster and has a better UI (user interface) for making games (it’s a lot easier to sort through your code, etc.). If you plan to use 2.5, you’ll have to port your code anyway, so you might as well. It’s not quite stable at this point, but by the time you get your game 50% finished, the real 2.6 will be out by then.

I have actually finished a game it’s not really heavy on coding just some begginners stuff…but it’s all in python 2.6 I guess you’re right…for my next project I’ll do it on 2.5 and python 3.2 thanks guys.