*If* Blender got a new interface... Windows builds

Some of you have probably seen my thread about what users would like to see, as improvements, in the Blender UI. Now, obviously, we love the work of the Blender devs, who are often pretty busy doing various things behind the scenes to ensure that releases run smoothly and that the tools that we artists use are up to scratch and worth using. Because of this, most are unable to spend huge amounts of time looking at the (somewhat long) list of things we felt we wanted changed.

But since I don’t want our list to go entirely to waste, and despite the fact that all build systems hate me (even Scons), I’m gonna make an attempt to try and implement some of the most basic requests from the list, such as menu reshufflings, and so on (nothing insane like Action Recording or Multi-monitor support)

So you’ll find that this first post in the thread contains the latest build. Below that is the list of changes from the default release, and below that is currently known bugs that I hope devs can help me with.


  • These builds are Windows-only (sorry guys, I just don’t have a functional Linux system at the mo, and Mac is right out of my reach)
  • The download only consists of a zipped executable (and maybe a DLL), which you’ll need to extract to a functional Blender folder (or copy the required DLL’s from another Blender install) to keep download sizes smaller - PM me if you have any questions about this.
  • If you want to make any requests/comments that are non-development related, please post them in my original thread (Unless you really feel they belong in this thread)
  • No, you will not find these on Graphicall - I don’t feel I have made enough major changes to merit building and posting on Graphicall. So don’t bother looking for 'em.
  • Expect these builds to have bugs - and please don’t hold me liable for them. But if you spot one I’ve missed in my buglist below, be sure to post it (and check it doesn’t happen in an official release) -I’ll try and figure out what I did wrong…

CURRENT BUILD - This is the file you need to download and unzip to a Blender folder


  • Radiosity button panel moved to Scene Panel from Shading Panel

Known Bugs (Experienced Devs please help):

  • When you press the Radiosity/Animation button in the Buttons Panel Header, both the Radiosity and Animation panel copy each other’s state. It’s not a problem when using Blender, but it doesn’t look right. I’ll try and upload a PATCH file for Devs soon, on the off chance they can help me.
    EDIT: Actually, I didn’t test that well - it’s worse than I thought - You can’t access the Anim panel at all, but Radiosity works fine… Oh well - the Anim panel needs relocating anyway :stuck_out_tongue: