If Game Engine was removed form blender 2.8?

hi i still use blender 2.79 i heard that in blender 2.8 no game engine and impossible made games

if that true? before i try blender 2.8 i need to know?

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There is no official Blender Game Engine in 2.80.
The plan is sometime in the future to include an interactive mode, but this isn’t intended to be a fully fledged game engine.

For game development there are other integrated engines. These include Armory3d (open source) and verge3d (pay to use commercially). These are not associated with the Blender Foundation or the Blender Developers.

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Like the Blender render, it was removed officially (there’s even a video of Ton doing the commit about that). As explained by Thatimster, you now have to use an alternative game engine like Godot, Unity or Armory (quite experimental)

An other way would be to use the fork UPBGE build but it’s not officially supported by the Blender foundation.

thanks ok now i am searching info about armory it same blender you reply was good thanks bro didnt know about armory it very helpfull

i try unity is not comfort work there alot of bugs

i will better use armory it same blender i spend alot of power and sternght and time to learn blender games

and still need learning

As Thatimster mentioned you can use Verge3D to develop games with Blender 2.80. The thing is that you can do this without any coding. For instance, our Farmers Journey game was created by a Blender artist alone:

Check out the full sources of this game in Verge3D bundle.
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If you are still learning, it is more likely that you made mistakes in Unity, rather than you having discovered lots of bugs in Unity. You will most likely not like that answer, but that happens to many of us, including myself.

this cool no coding but verge3d it looks for kids

i am developing only vehicle driving games and i need to be more creative and feel that is all i did

i try unity and there all assets not working am to lazy learn unity no normal tutorails on youtube

in blender i use scripts from youtube but i has feeling that game is mine and i did it

watch video of my driving game some small thing missed and i dont know how to do this so this not finished

ai opponents missed stop tail lights speedometer and some other things

and handling not a best watch video https://youtu.be/TDHs8yegl0s

and this download link try demo https://yadi.sk/d/NyWENPT0FW1utw

i learned blender and already adict to it thi sad news about removing game engine

happy i still can use 2.79 for games yet but i has feelng that along time will be no progress

i watch on youtube tons of tutorial about blender i has big list of channels i subscribed but there not enough info how to create really cool game

my first driving game nice but it very simple and in modern world it will not survive

i droped video about game in previos reply to other dude watch it

and also my dream learn programing good to find a job as programist

but things going hard i cant understund programing i can only edit already maded script

but made my own sript i cant i talking about skript as this guy watch how it force the car there even clutch is programed

watch this there download possible https://youtu.be/m2V7J9PsJ7U

i downloaded but cant apply scripts to my cars i costomized in my game

things going wrong

hi i already learning armroy3d

this what i programed on c++ spaceshipt can move up and down left and right and when leaft and right it rotated

and it can shoot by bullets

look interesting ade this video for fun thing going well

I’ve made a post about Blender Game Engine on the AlternativeTo website. Feel free to like, comment or suggest your own alternatives there.