if i baked a texture beyond 1024 or soo in udk will it strain resources?

im making a custom killing floor 2 map and making all textures and materials in blender to be ported over into udk for killing floor 2. i was wondering i know they say to use a 1024 texture in the bake but lets say i did some ludicrous number like 1024 *4 (I know the power of 2) would it eat a lot of resources in the game to generate it? should i just stick to 1024 as the highest it can go? I’m still learning game development and just wanna make a map look pretty is all. this will eventually be added to my portfolio and plan to put up the final render in cycles eventually. just don’t know too much on texture creation also if some one could link me to a youtube or article on how to make your own custom damaged walls in gimp it would be much appreciated or at least a process that’s similar to use. The reason for it being i was just going to use some cg texture ones and maybe mesh them together to make a good looking abandoned for years look. any help would be much appreciated and thank you:D