If I change the object's parent, the object's location changes. How can I avoid that?

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If I change the object’s parent, the object’s location changes. The size also changes. For example. the suzanne is now parented to the sphere. However if I change suzanne’s parent to the cube, the suzane moves and gets smaller.

Is it possible to change the parent without distorting the location, rotation and scaling?

parent.blend (525 KB)

“Object (Keep Transform)”

Thank you very much!

Oh, can I ask a little bit more?
In fact, I wanted to parent an object to a bone. However in that case, I can’t find “parent to bone 'keep transform”.
This case, should I first “clear parent (keep transform)”, then “parent to bone”?

I’m having the same problem,unfortunately no one has answered your question!!! Did you get the problem solved?