if i develop a maya plugin, which is your favorte?

which does you need most? list here , maybe i do it.


Huh? I don’t understand what you’re asking.

I would like to see a calender that does not end in 2012

I’m not familiar with Maya plugins, but something the Blender community seems to be interested in is cloud and sky rendering. Volumetric clouds that move across the sky, animated sunlight that lights the clouds properly, correct shading from horizon to zenith, that sort of thing.

Hair is another concern, being able to properly style and animate it, although people are currently working on that.

And even more LOL

Aye… :rolleyes:

Hey, Dude who started the thread. Like, maybe make a Blender plugin instead? Just a thought.
Or am I on mayaartists.org and didn’t notice. Anyway, it’s a bit silly to be asking that here…

Seems that this is your first post. Strange question though. How can I decide which plug in is my favorite before you even began development, let alone announce what you are planning to develop. But if I had to choose, make a plugin that deletes Maya and install Blender.

Or maybe the idea was to ask what maya plugins people liked and would like to see a similar plugin for Blender?

I don’t know what maya plugins there are so I wouldn’t be able to pick one. But, The cloud thing that Orinico suggested is a good idea, here is the blog about it LINKY

So if you are looking for something to code into blender, there ya go.

Eh ok, I get it. Sorry for the sarcasm hungguy. Guess I have to Google for the most kick ass maya plug-in then.

One of those scripts that automatically generates an armature/rig for your mesh (like setup machine, I think).
Also, the plug in that allows you to edit a mesh that has blend shapes on it. You can add verts and it will update all the blend shapes. We are talking about refactoring maya plugins for blender, yes?

Wait… Maya has two formats, Maya Binary and Maya Ascii. Maybe he’s asking which one he should make a Blender export script for.

I think that would be the good faith interpretation of the post.