If I get my motherboard replaced do I get a new one?

I have a 13 inch mac book pro 2009. I need a new motherboard but if I go to apple to get it replaced do I get a new one with the new chip set or do I get an old one that was made in '09. I have called apple numerous times and the call kept getting “disconnected”

You’ll get a replacement for the exact model you have, so it’ll be the old one.


Since it’s from '09 you’ll probably get the same one, but I know if you have an older laptop that’s still under warranty some companies will just give you a whole new computer.

I hope you are satisfied with Mac’s customer service. Cause if you’re not, you are screwed. You just have to deal with it if you want a Mac that bad.

The whole reason I like Linux and Windows is that if you don’t like the service that a manufacturer gives you, you just get a different brand next time but you don’t have to learn a whole new OS.

If you are unsatisfied with Macintosh Manufacturing customer service, you have to learn a whole new OS just to switch to a different manufacturer.


It’s lucky then that Apple regularly comes out pretty well in customer service ratings.
As they should be since in my experience some Apple products have really dodgy quality control for such a premium brand.

Yeah I just think it kind of ridiculous that they keep outdated motherboards just to give to the people with older macs to force them to buy a whole new computer just to upgrade.