If it was possible to make realistic 3d?

Would you get it or wait for blender to update it?I mean 3d that mimics reality.

I don’t understand your question.

It is possible to create realistic 3D in Blender. If you’re not seeing convincing enough imagery, the issue is with having enough talent to produce it. It’s really not anything with Blender.


Photo-realistic CG has been possible for quite a while. You actually see it in every movie, TV-series, advertisement and other places every day without noticing. You can already make it in Blender too. You just need enough skill (like in every software)

I have no idea what you are talking about

Have you tried looking at the top bar?

What I mean is a 3d program that outright mimics real life humans and animals something that resebles our world.

If I had a computer powerful enough to run such a simulation, I’d leave it to run things more useful than 3d modeling, and go outside and play soccer with the kids.


I think you’ve been watching too much CSI :wink:

Game development, Movie CGI are expensive for a good reason.

It takes a lot of man power to create them.

You have to learn how to make all the humans and strands of grass( Not as hard as it sounds, the grass, I mean)

Until 2048 where we’ll have AI(even then you could argue that most artists would just use it as Zremesher on steroids )
or 2056 where we’ll have ultra mega realtime realistic auto retopo on the fly 3d scanners

you’ll just have to make due with current tech

tl;dr: 3D modelling is a 20 USD per hour job for a reason, so no, no we don’t have that tech. :slight_smile:

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just thought you might want to see this auto-retopology tool :wink: Its not for the 3d scanners, but its something lol. :smiley:


even some very basic renders are realistic
– renders of parts of Ceres - from the daily release image

61 new photos · Album by John Van Vliet

Oh yeah instant meshes,
totally forgot about that


it would be nice if someone integrated it with BL somehow I don’t like leaving blender to do something

I think Videoboy is talking about this.

@Herbert123 - Hahahaha! :smiley:

The thing about reality is that it doesn’t repeat itself like simulations are forced to do. I’m not saying Nature doesn’t ever repeat, since it obviously does, but it’s the variety of differences that distinguish something real as compared to something simulated.

The problem with 3D simulations is the fact that with a little scrutiny and a little time, it becomes quite detectable. The more often the same pattern is used, the more quickly it becomes obvious that it’s a pattern. Brains are pattern-recognition machines. We normally do it at a subconscious level, but after a while, the patterns become more consciously visible.