if microsoft made the ipod


pretty funny i think. :smiley:

and so very true.

Haha, that was pretty good.

that was funny. so very true too… shows how much simpler and clean apple’s packaging is.

I didn’t get it!

Is this a joke just about the packaging?

whoah man, nobody said anything about microsoft’s OS against apple’s, calm down. he was just stating that Apples packaging is (in the context of the clip) cleaner. nothing bashing MS was said at all… if you want an answer to your question i suggest you create another topic or something, because now we are going to have a full blown, 11 page OS war over a funny little clip … -_-

think before you type… please

I could tell by the rest of your post! :o

This video is about the differences from MS’s and Apples marketing.

Sorry all…
Didn’t want to start an OS war or anything…I’ve deleted the intriging part of my post.
Now, that i know it’s for the marketing, it’s kinda funny…
Thank you for your replies, and for not being too hard with me…

P.S. frig, i’ll have you advice in mind about thinking before i type in the future!!!

Funny, the xBox shipping cartons are both fairly subdued in their design.

yeah, not to be starting an os war here either, but i kinda think that was sorta copying apple. i mean look at the 360, all white simple casing, sleek design, no-offense, but it reminds me of an oversised i-pod.

really, not trying to start an os war or anything…

Microsoft sells “features”

Apple sells “experience”


Microsoft sells bugs, only by documenting them on the packaging do they become “features”.

The above statement is a joke, not to be taken internally. If swallowed, consult your physician…

I think that I saw this a while back… off of digg.

And from an official Microsoft Press Release, they stated that:

““It was an internal-only video clip commissioned by our packaging [team] to humorously highlight the challenges we have faced RE: packaging and to educate marketers here about the pitfalls of packaging/branding,””

From here. Now I find this rather interesting, do you really think that it was an “internal joke”, or did Microsoft just say that it was to cover their asses?

Just my two cents.

Marketing and reality hardly go hand in hand.

Microsoft sells features
Apple sells experience

when you get it home, its another issue alltogether, you buy based on marketing. you wouldn’t buy a lot of things if you knew what they were really like.


what is that supposed to mean, alltaken?

“when you get it home, its another issue alltogether, you buy based on marketing. you wouldn’t buy a lot of things if you knew what they were really like.”

if that means what i think it does, i means “apple’s aren’t as good as the packages lead you to belive” i’m just curious.

(i think) what he’s trying to say is that the companies sell marketing, it doesnt really matter what is inside of the package as long as you buy it.

but i dont get the whole “microsoft sells features, apple sells expierience” part. unless… (im going to take a stab at it here) … it means that microsoft’s ad campaignes are geared towards whats in the product, and apples are more about reassuring you that they know what they are talking about… ?

He means microsofts marketing is geared toword the tangible real world parts that make the product. Apple market the overall sensation that the product gives you.