if model is subdivided, the texture blinks in game.

well. the title says it all. (check out the video)
anyone who knows why i have this problem…? iv just got a new laptop, and its never happend to me before.
i hope its just a configuration or maybe a missing driver or something.

thx guys :slight_smile:

and have a nice day

The game engine does not have full support for the subdivision modifier. I suspect that the amount that it does work is mostly by accident. Your best bet is to apply the sub-div modifier.

okay then…
thx for the answer :slight_smile:

@dani8190 Hi, I stumbled upon this post in my quest to apply a subdivision during runtime (game engine) and it looks like you did it. My question is… how? :slight_smile: Thnx in advance

Did you add a material on it?

I had the same thing last night, i solved it for myself by adding an material to it.
Maybe it works for you aswell.