If music is traditional arts then heres a couple o' tunes

I’m not completely shure if it’s OK to post songs here, but seeing as there are plenty of people that have gaming projects going I thought maybe it would be OK. Mods, please delete thread if this is inappropriate :wink:

A friend of mine is making a game and wanted me to make some tunes for it.

I’ve started 2 tunes yesterday that I could really use some feedback on, both are pretty dark and “backgroundish”. The music isn’t supposed to be upfront, it’s supposed to be in the background and add tone and feel to the mood of the game.

First one is kinda “get ready for action, let’s get them monsters!!”

Second is a bit darker, I imagined a really scary dungeon, too dark, and full of creepies.

I’ve been listening and adjusting things for too long now and I’ve gone deaf for these two. And I have a crappy pair of speaker. So, help me out with a fresh pair of ears, tell me what I can improve on. Is it too boring, too little boring, are there any sounds that don’t sound right in your speakers, is it scary, does it make you wanna go kill them monsters?

This is really cool. Get out now! sounds like a level before you meet a boss.

Is it safe. Really gives me the creeps. Very well done.

I hope you send this as music demos to diffrent game companys. They would probably hire you in a sec. If I had a game company you would work for me.

Great work and no crit.

Some of the timing seems a little off in both of them, they don’t flow as well as they could. The second one is better than the first in this respect.

Apart from that they are both really good, although the first one reminds me far too heavily of the FarCry theme.


What do you mean the timings off? Is it the drums, strings or something else?

Good thing I haven’t played FarCry, don’t wanna be ripping of someone elses work.

Oh, and backwards downpitched babycrying is great for creepyness :wink:

The instruments don’t seem to match quite with the beats and each other. What it seems to be is the different lead ins to the sounds of the instruments.

i.e. instrument 1 has 1ms before hitting the peak volume, but instrument 2 has 1.3ms. Hence there is a slight seeming difference between the timings of the instuments, and if both are placed at a time offset of 0 from the drums, they both appear out of time with the drums.

That’s what I think might be happening here, the largest amplitude peaks don’t line up, causing a sense that the timings are “off”.

That’s my best guess anyway.


very cool, although the replaced conga type drum sound in the first track gets very old, i think you’d get a much more natural sound if you recorded the track yourself, to add a little more variation to the drum sound

Yeah, them drums are going to get a workover, they are the parts I’v given least thought to right now. Don’t have any real congas here so I’ll have to cheat a lot to get them to sound more natural :slight_smile: