If Picasso would have had Blender

Just wondering with Blender.

oh, he would love the default cube, that’s for sure… :lol:

nice doodle there…

I love it, I always had in mind to model this particular Picasso’s painting. Well done !!!
But here we have the opportunity to see how this picasso looks from other view angles. Please…

@namekuseijin: :):):):slight_smile:

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Excellent job. One crit though is that I always assumed that what you have modelled as a wall was the beach beyond the mound they are on and the opening you modelled looked like the end of a beach hut to me. Either way your render is very good indeed.

maybe you should have added a warning about partial nudity :wink:

Also, have you ever noticed how much Pablo Picasso looked Bruce Willis?

Anyway, great work

It looks like what the DNA-spliced child of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali would make after having sex with Hieronymus Bosch’s daughter.

Hi all, I’ve been away from the computer for some days but thanks for the comments everyone, they are much appreciated! :slight_smile: @michalis- here are some different views, just clay renders as real world work is taking a lot of my time at the moment, hope you enjoy. Regards, dreif

How great these are!!! Now what about some houses around?
Try some approximate indirect lighting? it may take some time though.

Excelent Work…
May try some approximate indirect lighting or it take some time though.