if someone offered you cash for help

not even help but an actual partnership. someone said, i value your abilities to model and program, i have an idea for a game. give me a number and ill pay it for you to be here until its done. how much would you ask? monthly? hourly? or a lump sum? just curious to see what you feel to be a fair cost.

If you got the skills and the time would you turn down the job to be a paid game designer? If hes got the money and you can deliver the product, i say go for it. But are you asking how much you should charge him without any idea of what he wants. How is someone supposed to know?

How much? Depends on your skill and experience.
As for how much I’d ask? Last time I asked I asked for “15-18USD/hr.” I ended up getting paid less than that (closer to $10), but was provided with accomodation and living costs for the duration of employment. While I could no doubt have gotten more money by getting the full payment and organizing my own accomodation, getting someone else to find accomodation in a country I didn’t speak the language was well worth the value.

Also, be wary of partnerships (assuming you are meaning legal partnership). They mean that you are liable for the ‘company’ and it’s losses may well become your losses. (same in inverse though, it’s gains may become your gains).

Always ask for payment in per-hour, per-day or per-something, as you never know the length of development until you’ve done it, meaning that with lump sums, if something goes wrong, you may end up working well under the wage your expected.

That’s a sad story sdfgeoff. That sounds like internship wages…

Anyway, don’t forget to google your prospective employer, see if they have any experience in that field, or if anyone is complaining about them. There are a lot of people these days who run a successful kickstarter based on a good idea and then find they don’t have the skills to deliver the product. You don’t want your name attached to that kind of project, it’s not the sort of thing that looks good on your resume.

While the “~$10” per hour may seem like a ridiculously low number, this is only the case if considered standalone. Because all my living expenses were covered, it was actually a surprising amount. By the time you add on the electricity, gas, rent, food, water and all those things, as I said, the value rises. One site claims the average cost of housing, food, transport in the US is 13,000 per year. or $6.25 per work hour (assuming 260 x 8 hour work days per year). So the effective value was within my specified range. Add to that that I did not speak the language, so organizing accommodation would have been a huge effort. The flights there and back were also paid for, adding yet more value.
The “~$10” is also after various overseas bank transfer charges, taxes etc. and so is the money in my pocket at the end of the day.
I would not advise offering your services for $10 per hour if that is to be your only form of payment.

While it may seem low, I was perfectly happy with the arrangement, and, so far as I can tell, that is all that matters.

And it was an internship (in that it was credited towards the requirements for the degree I am studying which requires a certain number of work hours). Good guess.

Time is money, that you don’t have to scrub toilets but instead can concentrate full time on becoming better at what you love to do also should be taken into consideration. If you’re a small team with little money I think you should ask for a percentage, then you also have an incentive to want the product to be good and make lots of money. As long as you can sleep in a comfortable bed, have dinner lunch and breakfast who cares. Ask for a percentage and make a popular product and become millionaires!

On a more serious note, don’t be greedy.

Contracts are your friend.

Contracts are the friends of everyone and help friends stay friends.

… along with
How much should i charge… & Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

Be aware of a “master-slave”… as it is usually abused to form “double standard” relation.

ah interesting replies. i actually was asking you guys though lol! i personally have no experience with coding so im just brainstorming the obvious questions when you get someone on the team.

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I have coded rapid prototype games for cash, and full micro games,

I tend to design reusable systems rather then just make what you need one time,

what are you after?

if it’s something simple I may just do it for free…