If there is any way i can rotate image in image editor?

How can i rotate image in the image editor window?
i tried rotate it in other program and then import, but it does not work/…
not sure why.
Here is the pic i want to rotate in image editor window.

in UV editor select you unwrap points and rotate it !

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This is not a UV Map, its just a reference photo that i need

is it a background image ?

image are UV map

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i am sorry i didn’t get your idea,
but i just need to put that photo in the image editor so that i can use it as reference to model it.

Import image as Plane - its in the add-ons under ‘import’.

thats a solution, but what if i need to put it in image editor? just wondering if there any way i can do some basic edit to the image

In image edit you cannot rotate (maybe with some addons). But blender will load it how it was saved so there must something going on in your pixel app. Have you tried alt + R (reload image)

Blender is not an image(2D) editing program, but it does have a ‘Paint’ & ‘Mask’ option, should be in the ‘Header’.

Hi. I like the idea. It would be quite convenient to have such option.
I have created a topic on Right-Click-Select : https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/lMgbbc/