If there is one spot throwing off "recalculate normals"...

is there any way to find the problem area?
I must have a poly somewhere that is connecting the inside to the outside, but I can’t find it. Just hoping for an easy way.

select your object go to panel F9 in edit mode and then click on the Show normal

then you can see the normal - all outside or some inside and osme outside

so you need to have all outside
the fast way is to Ctrl-N then this will recalculate all the normal

but no guaranti that evveything is fine
check on your screen and if some are not outside
thens select the faces and then flip the normal again in panel F9
if you could show a pic it might ber easier to see what the problem is also!


Thanks, that show normal tip will help in the future.

In this case, my problem was that earlier I extruded, and then hit esc. then I had about 8 duplicate vertices with half of the connecting vertices going to duplicate A and half going to duplicate B. I tried w>remove doubles but for some reason it said it didn’t find any so I had to do it manually.

you can always do a Ctrl-Z to undo things if your still in edit mode

there is also in the object menu an undo
lblender has lot’s of tool but you get it when you practice a lot with it!


When removing doubles, be sure to select the vertices that you want to remove doubles from. I normally do a select all [A] and then remove doubles [W] to be sure that it gets all the doubles in the mesh.

And there is a limit for “remove doubles” as well.

I often faced that kind of problems a while ago when i was “inexperienced”.
With time you won’t get into that kind of troubles.