If today was your last day

If today was your last day of your life, what would you do in that one day? for me i would live every moment of it with my bf and my good friends plus my family

Proclaim my faith like never before knowing that it’s my last day so it doesn’t matter if they kill me. I know where I am going.

I’d jump to the www.blenderartists.org site and tell everyone that today is my last day and ask for what to do.

Every day could be your last anyway. What difference should it make if you know for sure?
That said, I’d probably just do whatever I normally do. Which isn’t much, mind you

I’d kill everybody… so that I wouldn’t feel alone…err, wait a minute. . .


what else?

Don’t forget the Opus X

It would depend on how my last day would end. If I didn’t know how my last day would end I would probably just hang out with friends.

if today was my last day, i would go someplace that i’ve never been to before

i would buy a crawler truck and wheel it

Spend the day with my patner on a beach

Yoga Retreat

ohh, good one!

albeit more of a everyday cigar, I’d be just fine even with Henri Winterman’s. :wink:

I’d sit here on my sofa and keep on doing whatever I’m doing.

I’d email Ton, asking that he release 2.5 IMMEDIATELY!!! :eyebrowlift:

I would probably die from knowing I was going to die then go hug all my friends good bye

I don’t know, but it wouldn’t involve replying to this thread.

wait, would you KNOW that today was your last day, and what TIME would you find out? I mean, getting an email at 11:59pm saying “Sorry bud, but you’ve only got the rest of today” isn’t really fair…and, how would you know it was valid, because, I would dismiss the notice as a hoax.

But if I bona fide knew it was from God or maybe some deranged sicko (heh, there’s a movie in this somewhere) I would hop on a jet to Hawaii so I would have six extra hours, and die in a beautiful place.

I dont know how to do and what should i do ?Maybe i still work

china wholesalechina wholesale

Heh, I like that…bots and cockroaches, only things that would survive.

some bed stuff, stealing a ferrari if possible and in the evening before death a bottle of wine. However none of that is what i would really do :), really i would do just ordinary stuff, talk a bit with some people really.