if we can't buy the blender code let's code blender :)

(taz) #1

as said a friend of mine:

Ton is “THE CREATOR” he knows better than any other how blender works, if he can’t going on developing blender because Net Ventures do not allow him to do that, why not make a clone (open source or not) improving the actual one the community and Ton ?

If Blender is going to keep at the fridge as a frozen proyect then is time to do as the phoenix and born again from the ashes of experience.

Start coding again using the newest technologies and improving blender-new-generation.
As was in the NaN plans for the version 3.0

(joecool) #2

destiny’s child
blender’s child

(gargola) #3

sounds good,but i don’t know…that would be Ton’s decision.

(taz) #4

i’ve readed again the post and corrected because was very bad explained

(Kid Tripod) #5

i think i’ve suggested something similar before, to little response. I think it’s getting to the stage where it wouldn’t be nearly as difficult to write as it was the first time. if development moved into a proper OO language that would help (i’ve also been keen on multiprocessor support) and you could abandon back compatability, instead having an open render end (BMRT being the obvious candidate, so just implement the renderman interface).

i don’t know if anyone here has followed Wings 3D but that has matured incredibly quickly from a relatively small group of programmers (and i’m already reaching for it some places i would have used Blender before).

since NaN had as you say talked about Blender 3 it would be very interesting to know what they were thinking of doing with it. Anybody?

(steve343) #6

it depends on how much of blender is patented. I hope the numer pad change view thing is’nt its one of the best features of blender.

(IamInnocent) #7

To my knowledge, BMRT is not OpenSource in any measure. It’s status is quite close to that of Blender in fact and its current owner is not (only) the creator.
I’ve had that pass done to me once too many.

(Kid Tripod) #8

about BMRT, i’m not bothered about it being closed, its a good working free implementation of the renderman interface.

regarding patents and IP generally thats an interesting point.

(stephen2002) #9

that sounds like a rather large project, to re-create all of Blender. If you want to do it, I would recomond working on the animation side instead of trying to re-create the gameing engine as well.

(Kid Tripod) #10

yes - me too

(kil-arphen) #11

About bmrt: as it was said, it’s not open and it could happen the same thing as blender to bmrt. But if the output is set to be renderman compliant, we don’t have to worry about that as we could use another renderer that would be free a nd renderman compliant.
And there are other renderers like pov or lightflow or I don’t know what else. why bmrt ?

About redoing blender: I’m not sure that Ton would like to redo all of his work and just abandon blender. Well, I don’t know him but personally but I wouldn’t. :-?

(Vidigiani) #12

Well, I will have to talk with my HR/legal department, but if I can work on a Blender like software without them gaining ownership of my code then I’d be willing to chip in… I’ve done some OpenGL programming and I have a good solid OOP/engine background :). I also have been a project lead for a few large revenue projects (though I don’t think I can name numbers).

If we do something like this… I would be interested in making scripting a more viable option. Just about everything should be scriptable, not just some pieces… something along the lines of GIMP :).

(Dittohead) #13

the guys that invested in blender would sue the stinkin’ crap out of ton, that’s why.

(Vidigiani) #14

No doubt… thats why you don’t redo blender… if you are going to make a new 3d modeller it will have to be completely from scratch. Also, it would probably need to be developed by a new team, or at least, it should be coded with the intent of not directly replacing Blender. In other words it would need to be its own product :).

(Pooba) #15

Making a new 3d modeler program does sound like a good idea, but…

If you want to do it, I would recomond working on the animation side instead of trying to re-create the gameing engine as well.

You are forgeting that part of the Blender community is the realtime engine and that they have a right to survive too. I also wonder if any of you people have spent time using the realtime engine and trying to make something with it. Creating interactive 3d worlds is a lot more fun for the user and the creator than watching a short little movie. Also, unless you were to create a full-blown nice looking movie in blender and try to market it, games have a lot more chances of making money.


(Cessen) #16

It sounds like a good idea to me. I would love to work on the renderer, if this project ever does get started. Perhaps RenderCat could be integrated into it as its built-in renderer? Of course, obviously RenderMan support would be a good idea, too. :slight_smile:

I think it would also be a good idea to make it surface-based, rather than polygon-based.

But this is, of course, a very tentative idea for a project anyway. Just let me know if it ever starts up. :slight_smile:

(gargola) #17

i agree with Pooba.

(IamInnocent) #18

Would that new Blender be OpenSource ?
(if so, developpement of the different parts will be decided pretty much by whoever wants to work on it and realtime will come as there is demand).

(Vidigiani) #19

If I were to start a project like this I would definately open source it, but have a core team that makes the major engine code/decisions. People who wanted to make extensions would write plugins. All core engine code would have to be implement by the core team so that it doesn’t get poluted. Provided almost everything in the engine is exposed through an API though, you could make powerful plugins without having to modify core engine code.

Just my $0.02

(Goofster) #20

coincedentally, I’ve been thinking about this too. fiddling with other software the last few months, I’ve noticed features that are just awesome, and not that hard to code (yeah right, Like I would know :slight_smile: )

But let’s wait for Tons statements the next few days. I would be very interested in this idea if NaN is decleared dead.