if x location = 3 rotate 5 Degrees

in blender is it possible to link the movement and rotation?
I can do it in Houdini by linking a value from one node to the other
and Maya using the Hypershade
But I have no idea how to do this in Blender.

For example,
you make a polygon wheel,
it moves 10 units in X
The wheel has a radious of 3.185
for every 10 units in X, it needs to rotate 360 Degrees on the x axis

Hopefully its just my lack of knowledge, it would be strange if you can do this in the other 3d apps just not in blender.

thogh hopefully phonybone node editor will address this if it doent exist already:


Sorry I can’t help with specifics; you possibly want a PyDriver:-

This is kinda old, but it should illustrate the theory:-

Organic, you are a star, and have just opend up a whole new world of blender for me, if I can get it to work that is :smiley: cheers M8