If you could have one new game, what would it be and why?

I’d personally like to have pikmin 3, I like using an army of roots to beat the snot out of wild, alien, creatures. Unfortunately I don’t have a WiiU.

I think it would be tetris. Can’t go wrong there. But rising the levels is quite neat.

A proper sequel to Castlevania: SOTN. Or maybe one for Tie-Fighter or even Forgotten Worlds.

I rarely play video games of any sort now days, but I always remember this seriously addictive fighting game, maybe you guys have heard of it, it’s called Little Fighter 2. Awesome gameplay and its freeware, would have loved a Wii, Xbox, Playstation or iOS version, I loved that game!

heres the official website, and no, I’m not paid to advertise it, I’m just posting it in case your interested :slight_smile:

I kinda liked Strangers Wrath, it was the last “original” (in part) game that I found.