If you could step into Blender(Tron Blender Style - Blender Internal)

Blender Internal

It’s been a while since I last did a kind of serious work in blender. However, this is not a topic directly for for that project. This is sort of an informal survey for that animation. The concept is, a guy (a Blenderhead) develops a way for physical objects (humans) to be digitized, or “imported” into blender, kind of like in Tron. So when you get digitized into Blender you are standing on the default cube, able to manipulate objects just like you normally do, but using voice command instead of the keyboard, and etc. This is sort of in honer of the soon to be released Blender version 2.6. I want this animation to mostly reflect the average Blender user, “Blenderhead”. So…

1: If you had the chance to step into a new blender scene, what are one or more things you might want to build?
Example of other things to do there: Walk on the grid like a tightrope. Grab, Rotate, Scale etc objects with your hands, kind of like using the force:eyebrowlift:. By holding out a finger and saying for example, “Shift-A”, the menu would appear at the tip of your finger, then you can select the desired option.

2: What else would you expect, or want, to see in the New York(?) building, of the company thing that made the Blender digitizing laser thing? Blender-related or not. Some examples: A suzanne statue, Edit Mode Cubes made out of glass. Also as far as, science/technology stuff, a huge group of bug supercomputers, or a interactive hologram thing. If it’s something like the latter I’d like it to be something at least half believable, with modern technology. But, hey, this is Blender Hollywood!

So anyway, just through your ideas out there! And I thank you for your comments!:)(also anything else you know of that might give me ideas, you can link me to)

P.S. Also if this is the wrong forum section for this topic, I apologize, And please move it to the right one(if your a moderator of course). Thank you.:slight_smile: