If you had 1 million dollars

Just asking this to see that people would do with 2 million dollars…

I would use 1 million dollars to buy myself, a tablet, a better graphics card, a labtop to test servers, an awesome microphone, so nice comphy headphones, another dog so my dog isn’t lonely, Zbrush, Photoshop CS3, Adobe After Effects, an awesome camera, that’d be awesome :cool:

What about you?

to some where peaceful …

I’d put in savings so I could afford to stop renting.

Houses are very expensive here.

Yea I would become an interest collector

I would buy houdini and a T1 internet access

1 million dollars would sort you out for 50 years or so, maybe longer if you budget properly, but if account for future inflation then 1 million dollars or even pounds or euros isn’t really that much.

You’d still need to earn a living in later life (not that i’d turn my nose up at it).

I’d buy a house and a decent car.

I’d invest it in fortifications so that when society collapses I can instate feudal control over the region I built it in.

That, or I’d buy some stuff I really want and put the rest in savings. I could probably work parttime and still have enough money to live off from quite comfortably.

That’s the way! Invest in force >=D

Guns and bombs and what not

if I had a million dollars…

i’d be rich.

Honestly, I would fund research.

i would explore the metaphysical and phiosophical side of modern bioligy

i would donate to the blender foundation…

but not all of it
i would also be able to go to a nice collage and buy a car, and then put the rest in savings

Yout just ruined your ‘trying to be smart’ statement by spelling several words wrong.

Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.

I’d give it to Klorine so the metaphysical and phiosophical side of modern bioligy is explored.

And with my own money a spell checker would be donated to the same blenderhead too.

No 1: Ferrari Scuderia 430 Spyder

No 2: Nissan Titan

No 3:A house somewhere far from any stinking city and a good telescope.

I would invest 900 000 .- and start a small studio for the rest.

would invest it until a certain point, not sure right now how long,
but at some point I’d probably split the invested money,
would then again invest probably at least half of it and use the other half or so for the studio,
and perhaps donate some part of it for different causes, including the great B. :slight_smile:

But the important point being that some certain amount of money should continually be invested,
help your self to help others. :wink:

I’d spend most of it on hookers and blow and then probably just waste the rest.

And one of those miniature ponies. You know, the ones without the big teeth.

Gas guzzlers just to show off? Unfortunately it’s a trend in the US. All the cars on the road are SUVs with one person in them, usually on a cell phone too.

Assuming a 2 million after taxes, i would put 1 million away to live on the interest. I would pay off my student loans,(~100,000) in full, and all other outstanding debts, buy better used car, and by a older fixer up viper and '69 corvette and turn them electric with the same or close to performance specs. I would invest 200,000 in a start up studio with me and my friends. I would donate 100,000 to Blender and for any tech support. I would pay back my extended family that have helped me and given me money. I would buy a foreclosed house, fix it up and flip it. and whatever’s left goes to helping my sisters with college and back to the savings.

Wow that ended up being more than i was going to put.

So you are one of those that feels like he needs to protect environment? Ok, nothing wrong with that. How about I buy those gas guzzlers and I use some of my money to plant trees? How many trees would be enough to make you shut up?:stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need money to plant trees.