If you had to pay for Blender how much would you expect to pay?

If Blender was a paid commercial software how much would you expect to pay for it? What is the value of Blender?

I’d pay perhaps 500 USD for it, the value would’ve surely gone up in the wake of things like Bmesh and Cycles.

My opinion anyway.

Blender was a commercial piece of software. Dont know exactly how much it was but i know that they open sourced it for 100,000 eur – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blender_(software)

Blender is priceless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Today? With all the new stuff? For a commercial license? Dunno. Probably around $800-ish.

blender is worth millions :wink:
but in real life its the size of your wallet :frowning:

modo: $897 sale price… (usually $1495)
c4d: $3695
zbrush $795
lightwave $1495
maya and max depends on re-seller…
and then there’s 3rd party plugins/renderers to factor in.

for me blender is as useful as any of these… but is most like c4d or lightwave for complete toolkit so any of the above prices would be “reasonable”…

I’ve used all the above at one point or another and still use maya at work if needed…
but choose blender because i like how it works…

but it’s moot anyway

I agree Michael W, Blender is a multi purpose tool, so you cannot easily equate it to any specific 3D app. I would even suggest a comparison to some Adobe products like After Effects…

Definitely between c4D and Lightwave.

I’d pay 10 billion luppes:yes:

Sorry for being the “party pooper” but apparently Blender is worthless to %96 of active users. Because it seems even a donation of 5 euros per month is too much, not to mention 175 donation to gooseberry…

“96%” of users also don`t earn any money with Blender.

THAT MUCH??? im sorry if it was written somewhere and i missed it… can you link me that info please?

93.85% of all statistics are made up on the spot by people who want to make a rhetorical point.

Ton’s Siggraph 2014 Presentation - Page 9 .

20-50,000 people participating online in dozens of communities

6 % of 50.000 = 3000 users

Ton’s Siggraph 2014 Presentation - Page 24

3000+ people signed up, unfortunately not enough…

so it seems I made a mathematical error while trying to calculate the percentage on the spot; its not 96, its 94 percent. I stand corrected it should be :

94 % of users think its not worth anything…

of course if you count the active BA users the percentage is far more less … 100.000 > 3000 users totals to around 3% i think; so 97% then.

you should be asking a studio this question. How much would they pay for a commercial blender license that comes with complete premium technical support?

In the post before mine. Here ya go!

EDIT: To stay on topic, for Blender I would pay around 300-400 euros with my current income level. So around 500 bucks at the moment.

I would definitely pay more if I had the money for it but 500 is my limit for now. As it`s not required (Blender is free after all) my money goes to allegorithmic guys, student loans, etc. Blender will get its share when/if I actually have a steady income with Blender in pipeline.

This was decided a number of years ago, when not-enough people “paid for Blender” to keep NaN afloat.

“How much would you pay for <<Apache | Linux | MySQL | PHP | Perl | Ruby …>>?” It’s the same moot question, because all of these products are the consequence of something far more powerful than commerce: cooperative software development, a.k.a. “open source.”

There probably would be nothing to pay for, today, because after two or three companies had tried and failed to sustain the “conventional business model,” it would have gone the way of: Lotus 1-2-3, MultiPlan, VisiCalc, Paradox, Harvard Graphics …

The product you know and use today would not exist, and could not exist.

blender isnt blender if it has a price

I would place Blender between Truespace(were it still around) and Lightwave…about £500.

to say blender is worthless to people because they don’t donate is simply incorrect. a lot of people use blender specifically because it is free, and because they have very little money. that does not make it worthless to them, or anyone else who uses it. the value of blender is that it is a good program, but also that it is accessible to people, many of whom are quite good artists, who would not otherwise be able to afford a good 3D package.