If you have Kazaa on your pc..DESINSTALL IT NOW!!!

ok…An ultra important news!

You know when you install program there is always a long long text you are supposed to read and then you must accept it to proceed to installation? I saw at a tv show and I read it when I reinstalled kazaa some day ago so listen well: In that from Kazaa writed that they can if they want use the memory and the internet connexion of your computer for their need. So they will use your memory and connexion to make some banner appear before you open a page and all other thing like that. All this will make your computer slower and very difficult to use. I just ask myself: If they can do that…they can surely check all what you are doing on your computer…so I suggest to everyone to desinstall this program now.

(I hope you understand all what I said…)

yes it’s called: spyware/adware

they also report what and where you’ve been on the internet!!!

it’s sick.

Yes, it is terrible. The worst is that gator thing that ends up on people PCs and they don’t know how it got there. If you run a tcpdump on a network with some systems running kazaa and the such, it is like a nightmare.

The worst part is, is that if legislation passes, Hollywood and the music industry will be able to use kazaa and other P2P networks as weapons against us. So not only should you watch what your running and what you download, pay attention to the news and keep your eyes open for petitions or political candidates whom might be supporting this and ones that do not support it. Most of us forget, these bills are submitted by those whom we are going to be voting for here very soon!

hey guys, go to this adress and install Ad-aware. Its a program that will check your computer for spyware and delete them. We use it at work and its great.

heres the link to get AD-AWARE


Or, you can try and use Kazaa-Lite (www.kazaalite.com), which does not have the B3D (?) system in it. It does have Cydoor, but that only displays ad popups (only when Kazaa is running), which you can disable by using Popup Killer (or something similar).
Ofcourse, Kazaa-Lite is illegal, but there’s no way of telling wich version you are using.

Old news…
I have kazaa-lite now :slight_smile:

so kazaalite is not spyware? I knew that kazaa was, but I don’t really do anything private on this computer. Heck, if people want to see my 3d work, more power to me! hehe, maybe I’ll get discovered some day when I can model! lol
can you download the same stuff with kazaalite?


I am using zonealarm on my Windows box and every time I was going online several pop windows were coming out warning me that one or the other spyware program (specially that gator thing…) was asking for permission to act as a server… Thank God, zonealarm can block most of them…

That’s why I’ve decided to go online with Linux…

Please watch yourselves out there… Don’t download software containing
spyware. You never know who is gonna use our private information and for what purpose.



Jeez, i know that it had spyware, but i didn’t know what that meant or all that other stuff about kazaa. i’m getting that off my computer, it’s too bad though, i could find anything off that.

Does adaware delete the program, or just use delete the spyware?


Adaware will just delete the adware/spyware off of your computer. However, Kazaa checks to see if certain adware exists on your computer before it starts. If it can’t find any it won’t start Kazaa. I use Kazaa-lite and find it great for getting crazy music!

1 Get ad-aware
2 Search internet for cd_clint.dll dummy file(or go to http://www.cexx.org/dummies.htm )
3 Download cd_clint.dll dummy file
4 Run Ad-aware and get rid of all spyware
5 Place cd_clint.dll dummy file in same folder as kazaa or grokster exe
6 Run ad_aware and tell it to ignore cd_clint.dll dummy file
7 Download your ass off without spyware :smiley:

Stop the illegal pirating of copyrighted material. I’d venture to say that this is primarily why people use Kazaa in the first place. No piracy == no need for kazaa == no reason to worry.

That’s not quite accurate. Alot of freeware programs install adware/spyware. So, this problem doesn’t only affect those who use Kazaa or other P2P programs.


Thanks for the tip about ad-aware. I found a whole bunch of these nasties, some which I knew I had and some I didn’t. They’ve been annoying me out of my skull, but I never thought to look for a program specifically for removing them :o

Anyway, they’re gone :smiley:

8) pofo

/ps I’ve nothing against someone looking through my computer, but getting this stuff installed without my knowledge and it slows me down, that makes me angry.

woo, kazaalite! hmmm… i have kazaalite, but also other versions…thanks for telling me, im going to uninstall them now =) and let my zonealarm not let kazaalite at as a server just in case :wink:

That’s not quite accurate. Alot of freeware programs install adware/spyware. So, this problem doesn’t only affect those who use Kazaa or other P2P programs.


You’re right. I should have said, “No need to worry about kazaa.”