"If you must" (short film)

I am starting this thread about my new short film called “If you must”. The story is clear and written and now it is in the stage of storyboarding. It will be maked with Blender and Gimp.
Reason why I post this thread about this short film so early has something to do with my decision to complete this project before February and to complete it at all - my logic says that when I post this thread here - it isn’t any way backward…
Sooo… I am going to post here pictures, models and other stuff… but now I should finish the storyboarding.

:rolleyes:Let’s get it started…

Quote- It will be “maked” with Blender and Gimp.
lol I’m just playing with you.

sounds good. ill keep watching for progress.

maked :smiley: …hmm that’s the good start.

Can we get a preview? Is it just your or a collaboration?

It is only my own project. No preview yet - because I must finish the storyboard first and than I can let you peek under the lid… Be patient