If you only had a week to live

Here’s the scenario, your doctor says you only have a week to live, on the 7th day you will grow ever more tired slowly until you fall asleep never to wake up. What would you do in that time.

I would give away all the game files i’ve accumulated over about 3 years now for free downloading, decide I wouldn’t want to spend it at school and the day I die invite everyone to my room where we can trade memory as I slowly pass away in bed. Plus I would make a special farewell to earth pic. for showing at this forum.

hmm… i would give away all my projects and blends and all that away. And i would say goodby to everyone and… what more can i do %| …

see how much fun i could have

I would divide out all the things I own and then spend most of the week reading scripture.


Oh, and before I died, I would give out all my .blends here on elYsiun.

Quit my job.

More time for family

First off, get a second opinion… and a third, and a fourth…

I would thank my girlfriend for all the times she made me smile and ask that she be by my side at the end.

The last think I want to feel is her hand holding mine.

Haven’t had all that much of a happy life, but a happy ending will do.

wild sex, and more sex… :smiley:

he he

oh and lots fo caffine drinks to keep me awake


ya i would do something like that and have as much fun as possible

give away all my stuff and say good bye to all i know

wow alltaken :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sue what I would do, probably just spend time with family and friends during the day, and frantically try to prove the doctor wrong at night! I caould probably read grey’s anatomy and the medical desk reference in a week :smiley:

I, for one, wouldn’t be able to just accept death. I want to go out with a bang! I want my death to be messy/memorable/devastating. Holding a live grenade in my mouth when I’m about to die would be satisfactory. Perhaps some sort of bomb strapped to my chest would also work. I mean, imagine being the janitor that has to mop up that mess…

I think I’d sit in front of elysiun and start a new topic on each day to ask all of the random questions that come to my head.

I’d make a sandwich. Then, I’d take a nap.

you know, that reminds me of this really strange dream I had a while ago.

I was just lying on this bed getting ready to die. I remember talking to a bunch of my family and some friends. It was kind of frightening though because in the dream I was completely resigned and ready to die. You have no idea how freaked out I was when I woke up, I’m pretty sure I was crying, both because it seemed pretty real and because I was more than a little disturbed that I would even subconsciously having those kinds of thoughts.

I’m only 17!! i don’t want to die yet!!

as to what I’d actually do, I’d probably just talk to my family and friends…almost exactly like my dream…hmmmm…
what would make that even more disturbing is if the conversations turn out exactly the same…


Say goodbye to all my closest friends and family…

Kiss all the nice girls in my life…

Go back to all the ones that would never date me for no reason other than “you are you” [yeah there were a lot of bitches in my life] and tell them something really heartfelt and sentimental [Like “You were the only one that ever mattered and made an impact on my life… goodbye… may your life be that much better without me, I loved you…”] so that my Death would always haunt them…

hmmm… then I’d Pray till the last day and on the last day eat one last breakfast… and take a nice long nap… Hurk… Bleh…

well pointed out :smiley: brilliant :smiley:


If I’d have only one week to live then I’d try to have sex with every girl that I like… there are about 197 girls I like…

I’d go home and spend my last days with my family.

Two days straight blind drunk on tequila, then start a tri-state killing spree in a 65 Lincoln booby trapped with 200lbs of C-4 (for the grand finale).

you are all missing the real point of death - death isn’t the victor - death loses in the end - death will die (Death Be Not Proud by John Donne). This is an interesting topic because all of you aren’t really thinking about what is the most important thing in life - and after!

Just recently (april 1st) my Great Grandmother died - she was 87 years old and the past 20 yrs were spent in a post-stroke state where she couldn’t speak anything, she was in great pain - but she lived her life to it’s fullest - she could sing - even though she couldn’t speak - and boy did she sing - she would sing “Jesus Loves Me” to me when i was a little kid - she wasn’t afraid to die - she was ready and waiting - for 20yrs!

The most important thing to know about dieing is where you’ll end up when you eventually do - Heaven or Hell - thank God that I wouldn’t have to make that discision then - i’ve already made it and so i cold die peacefully.

I would most likely spend the last few days saying good bye to all my loved ones and would listen for the last time to there voices - but more importantly i would want to know how many of them i’d see again! My short life hasn’t been the best but i haven’t once complained - atleast i had one. As the poet Lucian said:

On Early Death
by Lucian

A child I was, Callimachus, five years of age,
With heart still free from care,
When pitiless Hades snatched me from the light.
Mourn not my early passing from this stage!
Had I of life brief share?
Brief share had I too it’s evil plight.

I hope that each of you upon reading this changes your outlook on life and death.

Am i right or am I right - byDesign? :wink:


On a humerous note though - the answer of one old man is:

“I went sky diving, I went rocky mountain climbing…” :stuck_out_tongue: