IF you survived what would you do

(ok well im trying to do something for the summer that I can spend my time doing besides blender:D, so i decided to write a story and what im really interested in is something i watched on the History Channel.It was about what you needed to do after the world went crazy.There was anarchy,our government fell apart and no one could help us except help your self etc… ( im just going to use it to see what i can come up with and I dont know if somthing like this has been written dont want to get in trouble if i post anything on here,but) i have ideas but i want other peoples opinions Thanks :ba::spin::eek:

Post what you would do to survive and thrive:yes:

I would try to communicate with like-minded people.

I would head to the jungles (assuming there are some left) and live alone.
Thats something I want to do even now.

lol i can tell by your pic

Pretty limited options there.

And Im pretty sure everyone would want to gather food and supplys regardless. Whats the point of bringing out the firepower? For what? You havent really stated what we survived.

On another note, I recently watched The Book of Eli, a pretty amazing movie, maybe that would give you some ideas about what people could do post-apocalypse/global breakdown.

Forgive me if Im taking this too seriously, but it just seems pointless to me without more information.

I think your poll is useless.
And only one that knows what you mean with “Get out the firepower” is you.

In a world with weapons I don´t see how someone choosing “gather food and supplies” would ever prevail against “getting out the firepower” which I assume you mean form an armed force that takes what they need.

So for me firepower is included in supplies.
I´d get firepower first, and then go for medical supplies and then other supplies.
Given the fact that there´s no “civilization” left there is survival of the fittest again.
Fittest in predatory terms means healthy and strong. Strong either as individual or as group.
No civilization left, no one to produce weapons or medical supplies so stack those up to stay fit, hunt and protect yourself.

Everyone can kill animals for food, gather berries or grow some fruits.
Not everyone can produce weapons, ammunition and medical supplies.

And as long as there are things that are rare and others want to have, you need something to protect yourself.

So basically i´d get heavy, get like minded peeps, get medical supplies, and then start a new community somewhere. Protected by weapons, healthy with supplies and making stuff for the daily needs.

That boiled down I wonder who would answer here, “i´d go against all principles of civilation and randomly kill people to survive” - as I said, IMO the poll is not thought to the end.

I’d whip out my autographed copy of Life After Doomsday and see what my friend Dr. Clayton recommends.

I’d summon my friends and their families, travel by caravan to site B, then Dig in and prepare the escape vehicle.

Poll needs more intel.

Budda-boom for the win, just go around mowing down everyone in your way with suppressed fire, then after the carnage take what you need, what could be smarter than that? You get your suplies that way and get to have a little fun while doing it. Am I right, or am I right?

I would go join arexma’s group, since he said exactly what I was thinking.

Yeah, right. Of course in your haste to kill everyone, you neglected to discover that they all had skills which would have been far more valuable to you than what meagre supplies they had. Better luck next time. :yes:

Those same skills they could one day use against me, so I’m probably better off on my own, but maybe I would also join arexma’s group, it sounds like we could really take down some bad guys, I could be the wild killing machine of the group, as long as you keep feeding the fire I’ll keep burning down the enemys! But if they turned on me it would be blazing guns time on the whole group! And I would walk away, the only surviver left.

i would become an monkey with blender expercience…XD

Our government is already in the process of falling apart, well democracy anyways.

But if there was anarchy I’m sure it would start out all crazy and shit but after awhile people would form small groups with their own rules and shit. I would just stay in my underground house until all the people took their chill pills.

Gather supplies and group with dissimilar people.
It takes very diverse skills to survive. All guns won’t work at all. All tree-huggers won’t work either.
A farmer, a rancher, a carpenter, a doctor, a mechanic, ect… Trades started out trading skills to each-other.
…and above all, grow hemp. Its the one plant you can use to make clothing, paper, rope, some types of construction material, but take it away from those damn tree-huggers. They’ll just smoke it.

That’s what you get for spending too much time watching The History Channel. :confused:

If the :eek: ever does hit the air-movement device, then you really don’t need food and supplies; nor do you need a supply of ammunition that would make Rambo proud.

All you need … is Blender. Whatever it is, just make a great 3D model of it and post it on the Internet. :RocknRoll:

Not sure which channel, but I have been watching a few episodes of “The Colony”. This is about as real as it gets, and although I have my suspicions that the “colonists” are aided by the TV assistants off camera, and are bit guided at the same time, I still think it presents a realistic scenario. In a situation like that, I could only offer limited skills, compared to the scientist type few individuals there. I may disagree with a few individuals on the show, and their priority (drawing what happened there ???!!!) but I suppose that is as plausible as it gets.

Gun down any politicians that even look like they are thinking of replacing anarchy with something of their choice. Gun down everybody who doesn’t agree. Try moving to Patagonia or the Namib Desert. These areas boast the calmest tropospheres above them on the planet.

On second thoughts, Id probubly shoot arexma straight away, he seems to have everything worked out, and its a little frighting :stuck_out_tongue:

Its always interesting to think about I guess, Ive always been drawn to apocalyptic movies, simply because its interesting to put yourself in that position, and to be honest I wouldnt mind it too much (a bit weird I know) Im not sure if Im the only one who feels that way, surely others like the thought too. :confused:

Gun down any politicians that even look like they are thinking of replacing anarchy with something of their choice. Gun down everybody who doesn’t agree. Try moving to Patagonia or the Namib Desert. These areas boast the calmest tropospheres above them on the planet.

So good luck finding others with guns who agree. Those with guns would be the first ones shot, just because they are trying to replace anarchy with something of their choice.
( I actually know some gun nuts who think this way. Not too logical. But fortunately when it comes down to the crunch, they behave better than they think.)