If you want to upgrade your video card do it now!

There is unfortunately another crypto craze rising very quickly and i suggest you to upgrade your video card now because this could take everyone by surprise like it did last year and cards will quickly skyrocket in price!

I know many of you are waiting for amd navi but taking the risk could easily force you to buy a card at twice or triple the actual cost.

I am doing this thread because i was caught by the last cryto craze and i had to patiently wait and save money to get a decent card.

If you want to upgrade your video card do it now!

I paid more than expected for my 1050ti, but thankfully, it was not at the height of the last craze, it really is getting silly. Talk about something being worth what people will pay for it, “Oh I know, let’s bump our prices by 60% becaues what are they gonna do?”

If there is going tob e another crypto craz, then maybe I can make a profit?

Or even better than a new card, get optimized software. Cheaper than a new card, better for the planet and it will also make the next card you buy faster.

I paid 542$ for a 2060 so i know what you mean!

The people who mined last time, are not going to fall for it this time.

I know that many currency now cannot be mined with gpu or cpu so for these one gpu wont be an option but some currency will still be exploitable via gpu.

It’s hard to know if all the investors who invested last time, are going to fall for this trick again.

I think the best way to handle the bitcoin is too buy it, when knowing it’s going to go up. But this trick has already been done before. What are they saying that makes them think that this time, will be the rocket to the moon.

Maybe there is a profit in buying graphic cards, and then selling them. Maybe even buying up a couple mining rigs. But there is nothing that is going to gurentee that people are going for this, a second time.

oh well while we are talking about, if it doens’t get flagged. If you want a guranteed return on your investment, and an investment that is high, then check out lendingclub. they had problems when they first started their company, and lots of people go ripped off, but they have fixed all those problems. The credit application process is as strict as the most fancy credit cards. And they are aggressive with collections.

The problem with bitcoin is that it’s too unstable to apply traditional investment tactics to. It’s constantly fluctuating, almost completely unregulated, and it’s backed by an unusually enthusiastic community who don’t really know how money works, but they really, really love bitcoin, so they’re always cheerleading it, rain or shine.

The whole thing is a breeding ground for P&D schemes.

…though I’ll admit, I regret not jumping onto the bitcoin bandwagon back when it first started rolling, because I could’ve made a ton of cash off a small investment.

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