If you was to die right now, would you wake up straight after?

What would happen if you was to die, and for not even a second, you see black, when you look again you see everybody else, you are reborn as a particle, with the ability to change into whatever you want, create anything, because you can do this, everybody else can, including all the other living things on this planet like animals and germs and all that.

I tried to see if there was a theory on this but the closest thing I found was The Theory Of Relativity by Albert Einstein, anybody know any scientists who have researched a similar concept to mine?

This is a piece of sci fi art I was just playing around with, do you think one day I should expand on this or just leave it in the dust, I suck at photo stuff but I think I am more skilled with modelling and stuff.

Last time around, I remember going through a bit of a lighted tunnel … but then, dammit, a little while later I wound up wearing diapers again! Having to go back through school … and puberty again … :wink:

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Try to remember one of your dreams.

In your dream you see only events happening - is like a movie playing. But you can’t have even the most basic form of reasoning. Such as do simple math.

Disclaimer: There are people that do “lucid dream” but more or less is a more vibrant form of dreaming, still they go with the wind. Also some other geniuses might see dreams with practicing math etc, but still these dreams are projected from the subconscious.

So the thing to note here - the dream is lack of self consciousness.

So imagine for example you watch a video on Youtube about studying math, such as polynomials and square roots and vectors, to get the diploma. But suddenly with no notice Youtube, switches to an ASMR nature video and none concept of math applies there. You can get no math from trees and you can use no math to help the trees.

So you can see here - that the state of human reasoning (the ground truth) is totally irrelevant to the grand scale of the entire nature. Sure we have to live in this world and get a job (reasoning) but the big picture is entirely mechanical or abstract (non reasoning).

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