If you'd like to rant about the UI without offending the Blender, ummmmm... aficionados

Trying to avoid pejorative terms there. --Anyway, if you’d like to vent and metaphorically ‘throw a chair’ about the Blender UI without offending people who are emotionally invested in defending it, please feel free on the Facebook page “B*+ching About Blender”. It’s a safe space to be as negative as you like, although creative use of non-profane language is encouraged.

I’m sure there’s many facets I have yet to discover about the devs’… interesting decisions.

That way we won’t have to spoil anyone’s day here.

Are the people who would disagree with an idea and add counter points removed from the group or silenced? Sounds Fun!!! /S
Who would want to hangout where everyone agrees with you and has the same point of view?

Joking aside, this is the first 3D program I’ve used so I wouldn’t know any other UI benefits, so y’all have fun over there. :wink:

It’s for people who want to work off some energy about UI implementations, without offending those here who get all defensive. For example, those who insist “Right Click Select” is The One True Way, and that Ton is a messenger from The Deity.

Participation is voluntary.