If you're bored, evaluate my web page please?

(Grizzly69) #1

I’m not sure what to think of my webpage. I kinda like it, but I feel something is missing (besides massive content). Tell me what you think of it . Don’t bruise me too bad, I’m not really into html.
I worked hard to make the gallery and Wip sections easily navigatable and would like some feedback on their layout.

I am also redoing the links section and adding some more (including Elysiun.com).

Edit: I forgot the link.


(slikdigit) #2

can’t see your images; just the blender logos and the grizly logo.

(macouno) #3

Nice site… slightly bulky though… I mean the link images on the main page.

BTW I really like the spider and pc pics… grand.

You really should get into more multi tracking with yer music… has potential.

(Grizzly69) #4

Thanks for the input. I was wondering if some of my graphics were too big. Someone at work thought they were a bit big as well.

Also, Thanks for the comments on the pictures. 8)

The computer picture won a contest over at Blenderwars.com. I made it specifically for the contest.

The spider… hmmm. I don’t remember why I did a spider. Maybe it was some sort of therapy to help me get over my uncontrolable fear of the things.

Was it easy to navigate the gallery? :smiley:

I would love to get into more musical stuff, but I don’t have the time to do anything really good (nor the talent). Thats why I consider myself a guitar hobbyist and not a musician. :smiley:

(macouno) #5

Yes navigating the gallery was rather easy… but the “main” link back to the index I only understood later somehow. I mean… I looked at some images then clicked my browsers “back” button like 5 times to get back to the main menu in stead of using the obvious main link. Maybe that can be made clearer.

(Grizzly69) #6

Should I use a graphic to link back to the main page or should I rename the link “Home”? Or is it the placement of the link?

(shibbydude) #7

I used to be hosted with sunflower.org. I looked at sunflower.com’s cable access but is was not available in my area. Cool stuff, man. Great to see a Blenderhead so close to home!

(blengine) #8

looks good, u have a great gallery :smiley:

(Grizzly69) #9

Thanks for the compliments. I just didn’t know if my layout was ok or not.

Imgrandpaboy, if my gallery is great, yours is great, great, great, great! :smiley: I especially love the cars and the “Don’t do drugs” pic.

shibbydude, I have yet to find anyone around here whos heard of Blender or even interested in 3D graphics. I think I saw someone in Manhattan, KS on Elysiun’s memberlist, but other than that, your the closest.

btw… Sunflower only give 5MB of webspace, that is why I don’t have too much up there. I gotta get more space (hopefully with no ads).

(shibbydude) #10

If you need quality webspace talk to Acasto. He hosts my site and has done a wonderful job. I have been raving about it for days on these posts. He gives 50 MB of space and is very flexible. Go to www.iptic.com or email him at [email protected] (probably email him since the iptic homepage is really spartan). It’s a great service that is free of ads and fairly fast. Also, if you would like a subdomain at my webpage, reblended.com like www.mysite.reblended.com I can set that up for you if you already have a webpage. Good luck.