IFC 2X3 export with blenderbim

Hi there.
I’m able to export an ifc with blenderbim as version 4, but when I try to export 2x3 version I get errors. Has anyone had this issue. The reason why I need version 2x3 is a lighting calculation program called Dialux.


Hi @choclo - the IFC2X3 export assumes that your data is valid from the perspective of IFC2X3. If you have IFC4 data in there that is not backwards compatible, it will result in an error. For example, IfcWall with a predefined type is invalid in IFC2X3.

It’s best to share your file and post a bugreport on the issue tracker https://github.com/IfcOpenShell/IfcOpenShell so that I can help with debugging.